How to use the manual

AMOS has been designed to allow you to explore broad areas about how to create effective content, or home in to answer specific questions about how to format or present information. It is easy to navigate, and provides useful tools and resources to help you to get the most out of the manual.


Use the right-hand menu to explore areas of interest, or go straight to the main sections or subsections of AMOS. Smaller subsections are listed on each page.

You can also use the back and forward buttons in your browser for navigation.

For more information on AMOS contents, see Introduction to AMOS.


A simple keyword search will allow you to search AMOS content. The search is not case-sensitive.


AMOS includes a list of terms to watch out for; downloadable quick guides on a range of writing, editing and design topics; a bibliography of other print and online resources; and free e-learning modules.

Terms to watch out for 

Terms to watch out for boxes present examples of words and terms that may be confused or misused. These appear as boxed text at the beginning of relevant sections – for example, terms to watch out for when writing about human disease appear near the beginning of the Human diseases and conditions section. You can also find the entire list of terms in the Resources section.

Quick guides

AMOS includes a number of quick guides that summarise information in a PDF that can be downloaded and printed. The quick guides cover topics that users may wish to refer to frequently – for example, reference style, or using numbers and units. Links to the guides can be found in the relevant sections of the manual. A full list of available guides is in the Resources section.

Simply click on the PDF link to download the quick guide.


The Resources section provides a range of tools, research and resources – both print and online – that can be useful in creating effective communication products.

E-learning modules

Use the self-paced e-learning modules to develop your skills in style and usage. Each module takes about 10 minutes to complete, although some are longer than others. They are listed in a suggested order for completion, but it's really up to you.

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