The Australian manual of style (AMOS) is the culmination of decades of Biotext experience in writing, editing, design, scientific research, data analysis and visualisation, content strategy, web development, communication and project management.

The AMOS editorial team comprises:

  • Dr Janet Salisbury
  • Dr Andina Faragher
  • Dr Carolyn Weiller
  • Kylie Evans.

Publisher: Dr Richard Stanford

Content development (in alphabetical order):

  • Caroline Birch (Macquarie University)
  • Carrie DeHaan
  • Kirsten Duncan
  • Kylie Evans
  • Andina Faragher
  • Darren Goossens
  • Julie Irish
  • Sarah Olesen
  • Pam Peters (Macquarie University)
  • Janet Salisbury
  • Richard Stanford
  • Carolyn Weiller.

Design and production (in alphabetical order):

  • Kirsten Duncan
  • Andina Faragher
  • Tim Meyen
  • Louise Radloff
  • Richard Stanford
  • Carolyn Weiller
  • James Wilmot.

We also acknowledge the contributions of past Biotext staff, particularly Hilary Cadman, Rachael Dash, Malini Devadas, An Van den Borre, Hannah Angus, Lyndal Fleming and Andrew Fleming.

We thank the Department of Linguistics, Macquarie University, for content and research.

We thank everyone from the editing and communications community who helped to guide the development of the manual by completing our initial surveys, and contacting Biotext. We also thank the many people who have expressed their support and enthusiasm for the project.

Special thanks and acknowledgment go to our reviewers:

  • Accessibility Oz
  • Hilary Cadman
  • Judith Flanagan
  • Adrian Gibbs
  • Meg Heaslop
  • Paul Holper
  • David Jauncey
  • Kath Kovac
  • Rob Morrison
  • Mary O’Callagan
  • Sheridan Roberts
  • Becky Schmidt
  • An Van den Borre
  • Irene Wong
  • Sally Woollett.

We also thank Irene Wong for permission to include some of her work in the manual.

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