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The Australian manual of style (AMOS) currently has more than 650 pages of content that cover a wide range of communication, writing, editing and design topics.  

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Reaching your audience

AMOS can help you get to know your audiences, and then create or curate the content they need. It covers readability, accessibility and many other ways to make sure your content reaches the people who need it.


AMOS helps you think about structure, whether that means establishing the architecture of a website or setting up the right headings, styles and templates

Getting the details right

If it’s detailed information you’re after, AMOS covers that too. When does ‘long term’ need a hyphen? When should you use an apostrophe? Common grammar questions are answered with concrete examples and straightforward advice from experts.  


AMOS can help you to be consistent and professional in your presentation of numbers, dates, lists, figures, tables and references. 


Troublesome topics are cleared up in quick guides, each one a brief summary of the key points.

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Knowing your subject

AMOS is not just for editors. It includes advice specific to many subject areas. Whether you’re working in humanities, government, mathematical sciences or biology, AMOS helps you get your message across, write your thesis and present your data.


And if you’d like a little more help, it includes a growing suite of e-learning modules and resources, including a list of terms to watch out for.


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