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mass, weight

mass: the amount of matter that an object contains

weight: how strongly the mass is pulled by gravity (eg an astronaut is weightless in space but has the same mass as on Earth)


may be, maybe

may be (verb): could possibly be

The result may be surprising.

maybe (adverb): perhaps

Maybe the results will surprise you.


method, methodology

method: a process or technique

methodology: the general strategy of how a research project will be done, including identification of the methods to be used



molecular mass, molecular weight

molecular weight (MW): the ratio of the mass of a molecule to the standardised mass of an atom (note that MW does not take a unit because it is a ratio)

molecular mass: the mass of a substance divided by the amount of substance; usually expressed in daltons (Da) where 1 Da = 1 gram/mole

molecular weight


mutant, mutation

mutant: an organism carrying one or more mutations

mutation: an alteration in the primary sequence of the genetic material that can be mapped to a specific place (locus) on the DNA


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