Rates and dimensions

This section covers expression of:


A simple rate involving 2 units can be expressed in 1 of 2 ways: with unit symbols, using / (see also Dashes, slashes and ellipses), or in words, using per:

3 t/ha     3 tonnes per hectare

Do not use any of the following expressions:

3 t per ha [do not use per with symbols]

3 t per hectare     3 t/hectare [do not mix symbols and words in units]

Ensure that it is clear what the unit applies to:

nitrogen was applied at 3 t/ha     
3 t/ha of nitrogen was applied [could imply hectares of nitrogen]

sodium at a concentration of 25 mg/mL    
25 mg/mL of sodium [could imply mL of sodium]

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For dimensions, use a multiplication symbol with nonbreaking spaces on either side; include the unit after each number:

3 m × 3 m 

Caution! The multiplication symbol (×) is a specific symbol, not a lower-case x.

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