Presenting author names

Spelling and style for author names

List all authors, and convert first names to initials.

Keep non-English letters and accented characters:

Forsskål     Létourneau     Mäkeläinen     Müller

but use English equivalents for names in Cyrillic, Greek, Arabic, Hebrew or character-based languages, such as Chinese.

Reproduce the capitalisation and punctuation of the name as it appears in the reference:

van den Berg     Vandenberg     Van den Berg     Smith-Jones     O’Donnell

Keep prefixes:

Anna de Silva   becomes   de Silva A

Keep compound family names:

Ian Duncan Smith [Duncan Smith is the surname]   becomes   Duncan Smith I

Esteban Alvarez Cobos [Alvarez Cobos is the surname]   becomes   Alvarez Cobos E

Ignore hyphens in first names:

Marie-Louise Smith   becomes   Smith ML

Use the first letter of first and middle names when they contain a prefix or preposition:

D’Angelo Williams   becomes   Williams D

L St John Baker   becomes   Baker LS

Omit degrees, titles and postnominals associated with a name:

Dr Amanda Smith   becomes   Smith A

Sir Michael Jones   becomes   Jones M

Jennifer Smith PhD   becomes   Smith J

Peter Daniel Steele, AM   becomes   Steele PD

Place rank in a family name after the initials, without punctuation, and use roman numerals:

Vincent T DeVita Jr   becomes   DeVita VT Jr

James G Jones II   becomes   Jones JG II

Omit articles before organisation names:

The University of Queensland   becomes   University of Queensland

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