Styling of punctuation with font-contrasted text

Punctuation marks that occur next to words in italics or bold should also be in italics or bold if the punctuation mark belongs to those words. If the punctuation relates to the surrounding text, it should be set without italics or bold:

He loved the science fiction novel Do androids dream of electric sheep?

Be careful: it is easy to make a mistake.

Shakespeare’s first play was probably The taming of the shrew; his last was The two noble kinsmen.

What is the meaning of the word cacophany?   

The same principle applies to quote marks and parentheses that occur before and after italic or bolded text:

In a loud voice, he greeted us as ‘Comrades’, to our great embarrassment.

My favourite TV serial (Downton Abbey) is now being made into a movie.

The mouse (Mus musculus) is often used as a model species in the laboratory.

If a word or phrase that would normally be in italics (eg a Latin species name) occurs as part of text that is set in italics, the font styles are reversed:

A useful reference book is Classification of Grevillea species.

… the report Status of red-legged banana prawn (Penaeus indicus) in the Joseph Bonaparte Gulf

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