Working with a photographer


Preparing a brief for a photographer

If you require specialised imagery or images of specific subjects, you may need to investigate image sources or image creation technicians – that is, photographers – in your field of interest. As with online image libraries, the internet is a great starting point for finding such services.

Once you have identified a photographer, you should supply them with a detailed brief of what you want. Be specific. Suggested specifications to include in your brief or discuss with the photographer before starting work are:

  • type of imagery (eg black and white photography, telescopic images)
  • purpose (eg scenic, instructional, documentary)
  • subject (eg particular species of plant or animal, medical process)
  • setting (eg studio, laboratory, field)
  • number of images
  • how images will be used (eg A4 printed book, A0 poster, website – this determines the size and resolution of the images required)
  • delivery or file format (eg negative films, TIF files on disc, plates or prints)
  • licensing and copyright (who will own the copyright?)
  • options (if any) to review the images and redirect the photographer if the images do not meet your stated needs.
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