Strategies, policies, standards, guidelines and codes

Whether the name of a program or strategy should have initial capitals in a reference is determined by whether the program or strategy is a series of activities (ie an overarching entity) or only a document. For example, the program Caring for our Country is a series of activities.

Use initial capitals for the name of the program, even if it occurs within a report title:

Australian Weeds Strategy – a national strategy for weed management in Australia

Proving partnership: review of the National HIV/AIDS Strategy

An assessment of the National Immunisation Program

Commonwealth Fisheries Harvest Strategy: policy and guidelines

If it is a published document (and not delegated legislation – see Legislation), treat it as a book title with minimal capitalisation:

FRSC (Food Regulation Standing Committee) (2007). Australian standard for the hygienic production and transportation of meat and meat products for human consumption, AS 4696:2007, FRSC technical report 3, CSIRO Publishing, Collingwood.

MLA (Meat & Livestock Australia) (2012). National beef cattle feedlot environmental code of practice, 2nd edn, MLA, North Sydney.

OIE (World Organisation for Animal Health) (2012). Terrestrial animal health code, OIE, Paris.

PISC (Primary Industries Standing Committee) (2002). Model code of practice for the welfare of animals – domestic poultry, 4th edn, SCARM report 83, CSIRO Publishing, Collingwood.

NHMRC (National Health and Medical Research Council) & AVVC (Australian Vice-Chancellor’s Committee) (2007). National statement on ethical conduct in human research, NHMRC & AVVC, Canberra.

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