Legal writing resources

  • Asprey M (2010). Plain language for lawyers, 4th edn, Federation Press, Leichhardt, NSW.
  • Clarity website, Resources section.
  • Corbett-Jarvis N & Grigg B (2017). Effective legal writing: a practical guide, 2nd edn, LexisNexis Butterworths, Chatswood, NSW.
  • LawTermFinder: plain-language explanations of legal terminology.
  • Macdonald R & Clark-Dickson D (2010). Clear and precise: writing skills for today’s lawyer, 3rd edn, Thomson Reuters (Professional) Australia Limited, Pyrmont, NSW.
  • Melbourne University Law Review Association Inc & Melbourne Journal of International Law Inc (2018). Australian guide to legal citation, 4th edn, Melbourne University Law Review Association Inc, Melbourne. 

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