Government writing is a key aspect of government activity and procedures at all levels. Some government writing supports internal management and policy development. But much is designed to communicate government information and strategic messages to the general public, and to particular professional or social communities.

The aims of government writing for the public include to:

  • allow the public to find and access government services
  • present and justify government policy to the public
  • report on government programs, inquiries and initiatives.

When communicating with the public, government writing must be as clear and understandable as possible. It must consider a wide range of audiences of varying reading skills and cognitive ability. It must also consider the conventions of the department or agency it is written for.

This section includes:

Other relevant sections

How to:

How to present and format:

How to capitalise:

How to make documents and resources accessible, including:

How to format, design and include:

Related subject areas

Government interacts with all fields, including:

Types of publications and content

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